Holly U., Chicago, IL

The Career Change Kitchen laid out a clear path, with easy-to-use exercises and hard questions, for professional definition and possible transformation. Each lesson built on the one prior and made clear personal areas that needed more thought and work. I realized that I have been avoiding the “unknown” and, in order to change and grow, need to face that head on. The worksheets and guidance from Jill—in the videos, live Q&A, and one-on-one interaction—helped me to keep moving.

Erica R., New York, NY

When I came to Jill earlier this year, I was incredibly stuck- In a high paying job that I am good at, but that I absolutely hated. The stress, long nights (and lack of holiday weekends!) and thankless clients really took their toll on me, to the point where I had no idea what I would do instead and how I would navigate it. I was also worried I wouldn't be GOOD at anything else- I'd been doing Finance IT Project Management for so long and was so entrenched at my company.

Through working with Jill, I've been able to identify my true passion, which is helping people grow, gain confidence and challenge their perceived limitations through movement and dance, and I'm in the process of enrolling in programs to get my degree Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy. Most importantly, I feel like I can absolutely do this and I'm excited for the next chapter in my life, something I haven't been excited about in quite awhile. If you're struggling to articulate or even think about what you might like to do instead of what you're doing now, I highly recommend Jill's career change program.

Nicole, Austin, TX

Recently I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life both professionally and personally. After feeling extremely overwhelmed I decided to hire Jill as a life coach and I am so glad that I did!

Jill turned me from feeling overwhelmed to being excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead of me. She asked me several questions that really made me drill down into my issues and also look at everything from all angles.

The best part of the whole process was that I never felt judged or stressed while we met. I felt like Jill was on my side and that we would get through these decisions together. I highly recommend hiring Jill as a life coach!

Joel R., NYC

As a result of working with Jill, I was able to identify the unhealthy manner in which I reacted to stressful situations. She helped me approach these situations in a healthier and more productive manner, which shifted the way I approached many facets of my life. I can honestly say working with Jill has changed my life! In every session, Jill validated the way I was feeling about events in my life so I would instantly feel better about what was going on. Her nonjudgmental approach to our sessions made me comfortable opening up to her about everything going on with my life.

Paula A., New York, NY

When I started my business I felt scared, lost and overwhelmed but Jill has helped me overcome my fears by helping me believe in myself and consequently create a successful business.

She has helped me focus on reaching both my business and personal goals through effective strategizing and time planning.

Thanks to Jill, I’ve gained confidence and I have a clear path to put all my ideas in place. I look forward to continue our journey together and knowing that I have Jill by my side makes me feel that more confident. She wants me to succeed as much as I want to, and knowing that I have her support, keeps me moving toward my goals.

Wendy S. , New York, NY

Jill Ozovek is an incredible coach. She listens, asks profound questions and always encouraged. We explored a number of issues together, both business and personal, she was always on topic and always an amazing guide. I also found that, she kept great records of our sessions. Even when I could not recall a past conversation or connection, she would have recall and weave that insight into our sessions. Time spent with Jill as a coach is a great investment.

Forrest L. , New York, NY

Jill partnered with our organization for a leadership development session and I was compelled to share feedback – we ALL shared ah-ha moments, camaraderie and a deeper understanding of what we each want to focus on next. Too often people suggest they know us better than we know ourselves – Jill partners with each individual to help identify that journey which best suits ones goals, strengths and weaknesses.

Emily K., New York, NY

The group of women Jill gathered was really wonderful and inspiring, and it was wonderful to feel like you could really share your concerns and your own experiences with the group. I came away feeling inspired and a little less alone in my concerns about career and life in New York City.

Ashley F. , New York, NY

The workshop was really engaging. I loved the activities and meeting new like minded people! I loved everything about it.

Dawn H., Napa, CA

Jill is not only a gifted coach and thought partner; she is also a genuinely nice and caring human being. My experience working with her has exceeded my expectations, and I could not recommend her services more highly. Thanks, Jill - you rock!

E. Chong, New York, NY

I got hired as a Senior Financial Analyst at North Shore- LIJ! I need to thank you for your guidance and support, Jill! I want to take time to share the good news and thank you for rallying for me through this life transition. I met you at the most challenging times and I cannot thank you enough for all your support!

D. Cayer, New York, NY

I came to Jill with a problem: I'm a small business owner and was struggling to keep up with logistics, marketing, and accounting, let alone spend enough time on my actual work! Long-term goals that were important to the success of my business were getting tabled to just keep up with the frenetic day-to-day.

With Jill, I learned how to focus the time and resources I have to make the biggest effect on my business. I'm happy to report that my workdays are more sane, I have more time to be with my family, AND I'm making more money and have more clients!

Her nonjudgmental attitude and fun manner made our sessions enjoyable. Jill informed my decisions but did not make them for me. As a result, I can see myself more intelligently evaluating my priorities in time. What I really love about Jill is that she has helped me become more productive while reminding me of the inspiration that inspired my business in the first place. I would highly recommend Jill to anyone who needs help transforming their passion into marketplace success.

K. Hagerman, New York, NY

LOVED [The #SnagBestLife Workshop]….The whole focus, good balance and open forum were fantastic!

L. Cappiello, New York, NY

Each speaker [at the #SnagBestLife event] taught me something new and I experienced many "aha" moments!

A. Nguyen, New York, NY

I was looking for insight on reaching a balanced work life….and liked that I learned to deal with workplace issues using a different perspective and by asking questions I never thought of. The session sparked a new thought process and way to view how my career is progressing.

R. Wilson, New York, NY

The exercises were helpful and the resources will be beneficial…I really enjoyed the space for quiet personal reflection on my career path.

R. Hernandez, New York, NY

I really enjoyed the open forum and approachability of the workshop and the panel. It felt like a conversation and personal.

Z. Mahfooz, New York, NY

A lot was explained and clarified in the span of 3 hours. Although it was an intro session, I am still walking away with useful tools and info to start my journey.

B. Joshi, New York, NY

Jill was terrific! When I first started working with her I had no clue as to what I wanted to and how I was going to do it. While working with her I was able to narrow it down to exactly what my job interests were and then we were able to focus my job search accordingly. Within a short period of time I was able to get a job of my liking and with a company that I have always dreamed of working for!

Alex B., New York, NY

At the beginning of this year I was sad and angry all the time. I dreaded going to work, yet I spent all my time there. I didn't have time to do the things I really cared about -- or even stuff I didn't care about (like, you know, sleeping). And then I talked to you, and you helped hold me accountable and make a plan and actually act on it. And I don't have everything 100% figured out, but my happiness level is just in another league altogether.

Marissa N., New York, NY

The experience of working with Jill helped me actually go for my dream career. I had been held back for years, listening to people who say it's impossible. Now I'm able to mindfully pursue my dream of a phD in philosophy with more time, energy and drive/excitement than ever before.

Michele D. , New York, NY

Working with Jill completely changed my life. Deciding to make a career change can be terrifying, but Jill allowed me to dream with my eyes wide open and helped me realize how to use my skills and passion to establish a fulfilling professional path. Working with Jill is like working with a good friend who will give it to you straight, but will also give you a ton of great resources, tools, tips, and a whole lot of encouragement.

Alia O., Miami, FL

I have always been sure of what I wanted to do with my career, but I was at a point where I had tried (or thought I did) every avenue with no solid results. After seeing an email for an event where she was the highlighted speaker, I set up a consultation call with Jill and the rest is history. She changed my world! Jill helped me to zone in on my very specific and unique skills which helped me regain confidence not only in my talent but also myself. She adjusts easily to any change of plans, is very communicative if any issue arises, and taught me skills that I continue to use in my life and career. By the time we were wrapping up, I had interviews and phone calls with companies I wanted to work with. It was a helpful and insightful experience and I would hire her in a heartbeat for any future career changes.

Mid-20-Something, New York, NY

Jill was worth every penny. She helped me figure out the values I truly want in a career and got me on the road to making it work. I got out of a job I was miserable in and am on a path where I am digging into the topics I actually want to in my new job.

I had originally signed up for a complete career change, but working with Jill made me realize that in the short term, I really just wanted a better job in the same industry. While working with Jill, I got a much more interesting job with a strong salary (Jill helped me figure out negotiation tactics). The new job will open up many doors in the long run, and Jill has helped me realize how I can best take advantage of the opportunity.

Sue, New York, NY

Thank you, Jill! And thank you for working with me to hone my message on what value I offer as well as my accomplishments. And thank you for sharing your story and being supportive as I search for better work environments!

Devon, New York, NY

I cannot thank you for all your help over the past couple of months. Speaking with you really helped me understand where I wanted to go, defined what my skills were and really helped me see myself in a more positive light. You also pushed me to do all of these networking sessions, which in the end turn out to be more valuable than anything. I could go on...thank you thank you!! I have learned so much and I am SO excited to start this new position - they want me to start July 25!!

Amber P., New York, NY

From talking with Jill, I gained new insights, clarity, and direction from both her workshop session at the Levo League event and our call this morning.
Our conversation this morning really helped identify and craft the questions I have about the new position at my company. I did have a conversation with my new boss today and got all my questions answered. Your help in clearly and professionally communicating these questions/concerns was super helpful and made the conversation with my new boss smooth. From my questions and my conversation with my new boss, I was happy to learn that she sees my role transferring to an Account Manager position in the future and I expressed this was my career ambition clearly. I also got clarity on who I will be working with during her maternity leave and how the year-end review process will be facilitated in her absence. I was able to ask all of these questions and feel confident about the new position from your guidance- thank you, you are an incredible resource!

Kim B. , Los Angeles, CA

Working with Jill helped me clarify what I wanted from my career and how to really advocate for what I want. When we met, I was in a really tough place at my previous job- equal parts stressed, bored, underpaid and unchallenged. I knew I wanted more, but didn’t know how to find my way to go actually get it. We worked together to clarify my values and what matters to me, and we defined my skillset, which helped me realize that I can do a lot and have a lot to offer! Fast forward to when I got my job offer, Jill helped me with specific scripts and the confidence to negotiate my salary- something I had never done before- I had always taken what was offered. I will never not negotiate my salary again! Beyond helping me navigate landing my current gig, Jill also encouraged me to explore extra curricular activities to activate my 'creative side.' My newfound commitment to creativity feeds my soul, keeps me well-rounded and helps keeps my longterm goals in sight. Before working with Jill, I lacked focus and now I'm confident I'm taking the right steps career wise, getting what I deserve, and, best of all, I'm happy doing it!

Stephanie R., New York, NY

Thank you SO much for your insight throughout my career change journey. I would not be where I am with a new 'dream' job without your encouragement and knowledge. Thank you for adding structure to networking, giving me the confidence and being a great listener. You are a fantastic coach. I can't wait to start in May and look forward to where it takes me in the future!"