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Live NYC Workshop Announced!

Friends, Colleagues, Clients & Casual Visitors:

I couldn’t be more pleased to announce my first live personal development workshop, right in the heart of NYC. You can read about the workshop here, so I wanted to use this space to share my inspiration for why Joan and I are doing this.

We ran some focus groups (impromptu over some wine, some questionnaires, water cooler talk, random people on the street- we really ran the gamut of types of groups!) and determined that through talking to these smart, driven, amazing women, there was a really strong commonality.

Everyone was going a little nuts with the ‘have tos’ from Facebook/social media, people in her life &/or mass media images around her. 

So we thought, how can we create something that shows participants some real stats/research that really showcases this very real phenomenon? And how can we provide them with tools and perspectives through which they can break through these negative thought patterns and reach what they really wanna reach for?

Yea, Jill, but what does that mean? 

Ok, Ok, I got a little philosophical there. Really what I mean is this:

  • Engagements & Baby Announcements & Amazing Trips &&& et al on Facebook: Maybe it’s something you want,   maybe it’s something you don’t want, but either way it stresses you out to see it all over the joint. “Is everyone doing that and I’m not?” you may ask. “Am I ‘behind’?”
  • Career Ambitions: Your friends/colleagues/people in your network are aiming higher and higher and you’re stressin’ because you feel like you should be too but for some reason aren’t. What’s up with that?
  • Material Thangs: You passed that girl with a giant iconic brown Bloomingdales bag on the street, but your bank account will magically empty if you step over the threshold.  But do you really want to? Or is something else happening there? What’s stressing you about these thought patterns?

I could go on. There are myriad examples of messages we’re bombarded with in daily life, but what we’re NOT talking about is this: we’re not really talking about the other side of the equation- what that does to our inner balance, how that affects our values system and what we can do to ensure we’re living a fulfilled life and going after what WE want, not what someone else (or something else- like the Facebook triggers) tells us we should want.

Anyway, here’s the link again. And if you’re sold and need to register now (I know there are some of you out there!) here’s the direct link to register.

See ya’ll on January 15 at 7pm-9pm for a scrumptious good time.workshop 2

Jill Ozovek Coaching On The Radio

Everyone- I gots some news to share with you all. Beginning October 24, we’re going to be on the radio!

I was fortunate enough to get linked up with the Life Coach Radio Network ( The network boasts some really fabulous coaches, and I am honored to be among them. We talk about everything- finances, relationships, careers, family- if it happens in this game of life, then it’s game for our network!

My first shows are scheduled for October 24 and October 31 and we’re working on the subject matter now. If the topic kinda grabs you when I announce it, please listen in! And if you can’t make the live show, we have replays of all of our shows on the radio’s website.

Watch this space!



Jill Ozovek Coaching Makes Featured Coach List

This is a great day. Not just because I got to read a great book in Central Park or that I finally mastered rollovers in pilates, but also because Jill Ozovek Coaching is a featured personal development and life coach on this week!

You can check it out here:

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 10.18.04 PMimage courtesy of


Guys! Guys! The Book Club is Here!

Alright, everyone: I’m going to take a break from talking about pants and knee surgeries to bring you a brief announcement:

This week, I launched the book club, and I couldn’t be more excited! Reading and discussing books are two of my all time favorite activities, ranking right up there with making my own guacamole and one night it hit me: Why not start a virtual book club with the community I serve and choose provocative books, whether fiction or non-fiction, all while harnessing the power of technology to discuss the important issues contained within? Sounds like a pretty lengthy epiphany, but I kid you not- that’s how it happened.

This way, I thought, those participating could be from any part of the world and participate right from their own homes, as long as they have an internet connection. Learning from women all over the world and making some new connections sounds pretty neat too, right?

So, this is your official invitation to join the inaugural meeting of women discussing books. Important books with important messages. Maybe we’ll have people join the meeting from all over the world. Maybe you and your roommate will join the hangout together and have your own side-dialogue about the book.

Whatever does happen at these virtual meetings, I want it to be meaningful for you and provide you with something you hadn’t experienced before. This is your time, so let’s bring the conversation where you want.

Now for the info….

Book Information:

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali- A Memoir

Book Club Date:

Send me an email here: by Tuesday Sept 3 to reserve your seat. To ensure meaningful conversation occurs, space is limited.

Once I have a list of participants, I will send out a survey to pick the date that works for the most people.  Please be on the lookout for this survey. This meeting will take place in mid to late October. The meeting is no cost to attend. Just ensure you have an internet connection.

Check back on in the next month or so- we’re launching a “News” section of the site where Book Club, the 2014 Workshop Series and any other news will be hosted. One stop shopping for all the news you could want about what’s happening and where you might want to get involved.