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9 Brilliant Career Bloggers to Follow ASAP (Repost)

My blog was recently featured in lifestyle brand Brit + Co, and I couldn’t be more jazzed! Writer Krista Gray rounded up the best 9 bloggers on the ol’ career topic, and we made the cut! You can read her article below for more intel on other great bloggers to follow too! Trying to change careers can be tough, but with such a wealth of good information out there, it doesn’t have to be….

9 Brilliant Career Bloggers You Should Start Following ASAP

Krista Gray


There’s no doubt about it, navigating your career path can be complex. Whether you’re looking for a job straight outta college, digging yourself out of student loan debt or trying to jump on the right opportunities (even if that means accepting a job you don’t really want), there’s never a shortage of questions that come up when you’re tackling something for the first time. While friends can dish awesome advice, we love following top-notch career experts for tried and true tips about all things work. Read on for a list of nine super smart bloggers we recommend you start keeping up with ASAP.

bloggers1. Marie Forleo: The brilliant brain behind B-School, Marie has championed a digital movement while educating thousands of women who have become brazen careerists and business owners. As if that wasn’t reason enough to follow along, even Oprah has named her a thought leader.

2. Jill Ozovek: Jill is the best source for advice on finding everyday balance and focus. A career coach living in NYC, her posts cover tough to tackle topics like how to tell if your prospective boss is a jerk and how to stay focused when your mind is elsewhere. Her blog is designed to help you identify and land your dream job.

keep reading here. 

How to Have the Time of Your Life Job Hunting!

Cue Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, please! How many times have you said to a friend (or vice versa), “I have to go home tonight and look for a job and am dreading it”? Or how about this one: Do you view career development as a ‘have to’ versus something that could be engaging and enjoyable?

If so, I’m a-talkin’ to you. And Jill of Yesteryear. It’s actually a huge reason for why I got into this work as a career coach- because I realized that after many years of doing the same thing and wondering why it didn’t fit, that career development work doesn’t have to be a drag or dreaded or boring. In fact, it can inspire creativity and even beget more opportunities than you ever previously thought possible.

And no, I’m not talking about methods of thinking that say to “envision something and it will happen.” While that mentality has its place, what I’m talking about here is mindset. Setting yourself up fun and enjoyment, creative expression and exploration actually sows the seeds for opportunities to come your way. I’ve read articles about dating in this vein- if you stop focusing on the “toughness” of it all and instead you’re doing what you love and/or open yourself up to creative expression and being yourself, the person of your dreams will eventually show up.

This notion can be applied to career work. Try and stop hyper focusing on the ‘problem’ and instead expand your lens to the possibilities. With some discipline and conscious choosing to think this way, you’ll start to see the bigger picture- instead of blurriness, it will start to come into focus.

But how, Jill?

  • Carve out Time: Preferably not after a 16 hour day at the office. Maybe you commit to leaving on time every Tuesday or Wednesday (because we can’t plan for every fire so let’s include some flexibility here), and using the time at night to think. Or maybe you can go in at 10am- use those morning hours before things get insanely busy at the office.
  • Write: You can free form journal or, there are tons of resources online for exercises you can do to expand your lens and start thinking about other possibilities for you. I use tools I’ve developed with clients to do this very thing.
  • Step out of the box/routine: Maybe there’s a standup comedy class starting or a book club at your library, or something else you’ve never considered before. Take some time to consider other options to expand your lens and pick one.

In a nutshell this is why I do the work I do- changing careers or working to get ahead in your career to reach and exceed your goals isn’t easy work. There are obstacles, and sometimes we don’t know the answer, so doesn’t it make sense that while we’re grappling with those challenges, we infuse a bit of fun into it?

In this vein, I’m offering both a live program and an online program this year where the primary goal, of course, is to make real tangible progress, but the secondary goal is to have some fun, learn something new and feel supported along the way.

If you’re interested in learning more…

The Career Chat N Chew Supper Club is on February 10 in NYC- info and discounts here. We’re going to be digging into our Passion Palate- in other words, using the shared interest in culture and cuisine in a relaxed setting to really figure out what we’re passionate about in a facilitated group discussion and exercises.

The Swift Kick in the Pants 30 Day Online Career Bootcamp begins April 6. This is a great way to have fun getting your career in gear from the comfort of your own home and phone- and includes some sessions with me! How it works and tickets are here.

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Even More Career Advice Over at Give Me Astoria

I’m so excited to be able to be working with Give Me Astoria as their resident career columnist starting this week! In my first post, I talk about an unconventional way to think about becoming unstuck in your career. Check out the post here. I’ll be writing every couple of weeks or so and have some really fun features in the works. And check out Give Me Astoria generally for the latest happenings in Astoria, NY.

The Forbes Column!!

Yesterday was an exciting day here at HQ. I can still hardly believe it! The article I wrote on this blog on how to take control of your to-do list before it runs you was picked up by Forbes!!!!!!!

You can check it out here.



Want A Weekend Devoted Totally To You?

I can imagine many of you reading this are saying YES to that question. Which is why I want to share this amazing weekend we at Life Coach Radio Networks are planning on Feb 8-9 in NYC for anyone who wants to get their priorities straight, reclaim a part of his or her life that has fallen by the wayside and/or move forward toward a goal.

There are PLENTY of sessions from which to choose and you can tailor your experience based on what YOU want. Sample topics include Unleashing the Power of Spirituality for Personal Transformation, Writing Your Personal Mission Statement, Top 10 Tips for Reclaiming Space for What Matters Most and 7 Steps to Recover from Divorce Without Drama to Create a New Life. I’m speaking at 9am on Sunday, February 9, hosting an interactive workshop. Details are below and the full agenda can be found here. Registration page can be reached here. 


Your Life Your Way: Defining The Life You Want (Not What Facebook, Your Mom Or A Magazine Say You Should Want)

Presenter: Jill Ozovek

Ever feel unfulfilled or unsure after measuring your life against “perfect” images you encounter on Facebook, Instagram or your favorite TV show? How do you reconcile these idealized depictions of the lives successful young women should be living with your hopes and aspirations for your unique and fulfilling future?What if you gave yourself the space and time to be able to conceptualize and craft a vision of the life YOU want for yourself beyond the Millennial and Gen Y stereotypes you read about in the mass media every day? How do you break free from the expectations your family and loved ones may have for you based on their own preconceived notions from the mass media?

Join Jill Ozovek, Certified Professional Coach & Founder of Jill Ozovek Coaching  for a hands-on, collaborative workshop that will provide:

  • Research-based insights into where these thoughts of lack may be coming from and how mass media and social media affect the choices women make
  • Tools that will help you become ‘unstuck’ and less focused on what others are doing, freeing up your mental space and giving you a sense of calm and balance
  • Encouragement and a proven roadmap that will help you to blaze your own trail and be the woman you were born to be

This seminar is for you if you want to:

  • Design your own agenda co-created according to your priorities and values
  • Explore real answers on how to move forward to achieve your specific personal goals that work for your lifestyle but might not be sure where to start
  • Understand what gets you (and can keep you) stuck
  • Move away from being defined by the culture and move toward defining the issues for yourself

Hooked on what we’re offering? Register here to create your experience February 8 and 9, one seminar at a time.  There are early bird discounts until Jan 24!