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  •  Instant Access to the Course when it’s launched January 10, 2016
  •  Instant Access to the Secret Private Facebook group to ask questions and get resources and insights on Dec 1, 2016
  •  Access to 2 Live Monthly Hangouts (and more if the demand is there!)
Early bird pricing ends December 21, 2016


 What will it cost you if you put off changing your career for one more year?

What about one more month?

And I’m not just talking the lost money here, folks. I’m also talking costs to your health, your family life, your well-being and so much more.


impact you have
time with family
free time
enjoying your free time
increased health care costs (e.g. more trips to the chiropractor, etc)


I know the worries surrounding career change:


  • What if I do all this work and I still don’t have an answer?
  • What if I’m one of those people who’s doomed to have boring work no matter what?
  • What if I don’t have something I like doing and am good at?
  • What if I have to take a massive paycut and give up everything I love doing?
  • What if I’m not good at anything else?
  • What if I can’t make the time for this and it fades?

I’ve heard it all and I’ve seen it all. Heck, I’ve experienced it myself!

TONS of resistance, sleepless nights, thoughts of “Well, I can just stay in event planning, it’s easy, I know peeps, I’m good at it”. There was a time when I was building my business on the side while working full time that I literally did nothing with my biz for 2+ months, minus the stray blog post here or there.
The point is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. No no, my friend. You are part of a rather large group of people (70%+ of workers) who are disengaged from their work and they’re just punchin’ the proverbial (or real) clock. Of those 70%, very few DO something about it. And you’re reading this because you’re one of those few who intend to do something about it. Congrats on taking the first step!

You may be sitting there thinking, “Well, I’ve tried to change my career before and it was a major flop. So why would I even think about trying again?” A couple of things on that:

FORGIVE YOURSELF for that! I do! There could be any number of reasons it didn’t work out last time. And you didn’t have the Career Change Kitchen helpin’ you out!

REFRAME IT: Maybe those past attempts needed to happen to get you where you are right now, reading this very page. Reframe the ‘failure’ you’re remembering as a learning experience. Life isn’t always a linear, upward spiral staircase. As Sheryl Sandberg said in her groundbreaking book “Lean In,” it’s a jungle gym.

So, what else do you need to take the leap and actually get started on changing your career using the Career Change Kitchen Online Course?


The course is designed (by moi) to give you:



Regain a complete sense of control and calm – you don’t have to feel out of control about your career anymore

Peace of Mind

I got you on this one. By following the path I’ve laid out, you can rest assured that you WILL get the answer you’ve felt so confused about for so long


Compared to expensive grad programs that you may not need or high level coaching, this program gets you on the right path for YOU for 1% of the cost of the average MBA program

Convenience & Flexibility

you can do this from your own home, at your own pace (but I give you a 60 day plan to start you off)

Da Quickness

You get the desired outcome (your next career move AND the path to go do it) faster than WAY faster than grad programs and certificate programs AND that means you get more time back

A Can-Do Mindset

You’ll get to a place where you’re seeing opportunities instead of roadblocks and maybe even having a lil fun while we’re at it!

A Holistic Approach

I believe your career is part of your full and amazing life and you don’t need to compromise on what’s most important for a career you love.


The Career Change Kitchen system is easy to follow, with step-by-step guides, guided video with moi and opportunities to get your questions answered.


This is the system I use with private clients, and it’s gotten them some serious RESULTS.

How do we do this? I’m so glad you asked. Here’s how:


  • 4 video modules, guided by me, with multiple lessons in each module – 1) Mindset 2) Cooking Up Career Options 3) Exploring Those Career Options & Deciding on One and 4) Developing Your Professional Narrative for the new career
  • Tools, checklists, exercises and worksheets that accompany the lessons so you can get your thoughts down and keep moving
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can post your questions and share your wins
  • Access to regular Facebook Live hangouts, where I’ll answer your questions live on the air!
  • Unlimited lifetime* access to the members only course and tools – you can revisit lessons as many times as you’d like
  • Bonus content, including tailoring your job application to the job opportunity

*Lifetime = as long as the course is part of the Career Kitchen offerings! We will be regularly updating it.



Grab the special early bird discount of the Career Change Kitchen!
What you get:
  •  Instant Access to the Course when it’s launched January 10, 2016
  •  Instant Access to the Secret Private Facebook group to ask questions and get resources and insights on Dec 1, 2016
  •  Access to 2 Live Monthly Hangouts (and more if the demand is there!)
Early bird pricing ends December 21, 2016


But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what others are saying:


“I cannot thank you for all your help over the past couple of months. Speaking with you really helped me understand where I wanted to go, defined what my skills were and really helped me see myself in a more positive light. You also pushed me to do all of these networking sessions, which in the end turn out to be more valuable than anything. I could go on…thank you thank you!! I have learned so much and I am SO excited to start this new position – they want me to start July 25!!”
Devon G. NYC

“Working with Jill completely changed my life. Deciding to make a career change can be terrifying, but Jill allowed me to dream with my eyes wide open and helped me realize how to use my skills and passion to establish a fulfilling professional path. Working with Jill is like working with a good friend who will give it to you straight, but will also give you a ton of great resources, tools, tips, and a whole lot of encouragement.”
Michele D, NYC

“I have always been sure of what I wanted to do with my career, but I was at a point where I had tried (or thought I did) every avenue with no solid results. After seeing an email for an event where she was the highlighted speaker, I set up a consultation call with Jill and the rest is history. She changed my world! Jill helped me to zone in on my very specific and unique skills which helped me regain confidence not only in my talent but also myself. She adjusts easily to any change of plans, is very communicative if any issue arises, and taught me skills that I continue to use in my life and career. By the time we were wrapping up, I had interviews and phone calls with companies I wanted to work with. It was a helpful and insightful experience and I would hire her in a heartbeat for any future career changes.”
Alia O. Miami, FL


This course is for you if:

  • you want to do something about your career malaise once and for all
  • you are done making excuses for why your work life sucks
  • you are willing to put in the work to make it a reality
  • you want to consciously choose your career path and work toward it
  • you won’t let the happenings of life stop you from continuing with this
  • you’re willing to face any resistance you may feel head on and move through it.
  • you love personal development are are ready to bring it
  • you’ve been in the workforce 5-15 years and bring that perspective to the Career Kitchen Chef’s Table

*There are no Refunds for this course

This course is not for you if:

  • you want to dabble in many things or do project based work – this system will NOT work for you (although I want to develop a system soon for that!)
  • you want fast answers and don’t have time to put in 2-4 hours per week into your career change
  • you do not want to network or meet new people through your career change (and instead want to change careers solely by applying on job boards.)
  • you’re brand new to the workforce (<3-4 years)
  • you are looking for a resume writing or editing course
  • you’re looking for a 1 on 1 attention (check out my 1 on 1 offerings if so!)