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What I Do as a Career Change Coach:

  • Help people uncover what truly matters to them in terms of values, meaningful work, type of work environment, definition of success, etc. (ie no more jumping from job to job – unless you actually WANT to!)
  • Help clients understand how their career fits in with the rest of their life (life design)
  • Discovery: I work with people to uncover potential careers that play to their strengths/skills AND get them excited
  • Evaluate skill sets and skill gaps to determine a plan for career transition (ie: What jobs/fields suit my specific skills and interests?)
  • Develop an exploration plan to fully explore and vet potential career path
  • Constructing the professional narrative (personal brand) of the client to help connect the dots for why what they’ve done in the past actually matters for this new career they want to pursue now
  • Infusing that narrative into key job search documents- resume, cover letters, LinkedIn and personal website (if applicable)
  • Developing a job search and networking strategy that they can stick to
  • Resume and LinkedIn editing- they leave with a fully developed job toolkit
  • Interview prep & Salary negotiation
  • Create a safe, judgment-free zone where clients can “think out loud” without fear of ‘feeling stupid”
  • I do have 3 packages that differ based on YOUR needs, and I will discuss them on the call.


  • Click the Paypal link on this page and submit your payment.
  • You will then be given a link to my online calendar. Please book a time that works for you! (And make sure to click confirm so that you are assured your appointment is confirmed and that you receive the email with dialing instructions)
  • Make sure you fill out the brief prep questions here (also given in the signup process), which I will use to prepare the session.
  • You’re all set!


  • The consult is designed to determine whether we are a good fit – this means determining whether I know I can help you and whether you’re into it!  It is not meant to be a problem solving session, though I do strive to make sure you have some tidbits to take away to apply!
  • The consult is $55 and will be 30 minutes in length.
  • We will talk through your specific situation and goals – I will come prepared based on a pre-submitted survey from you (which you can find here) and we come to a decision together on whether coaching and my services are a fit for your needs.
  • I answer the questions you have about how coaching works and how it would impact your specific situation.
  • I will apply the $55 consult fee to your package as a discount.




  • Accountant turned graphic designer
  • Wealth management admin turned auditor
  • Retail bank branch manager turned compliance associate
  • CPG Marketing (and recent mom) > fashion startup marketing director
  • High school teacher > marketing and social media manager for makeup co.
  • Digital marketing manager turned PhD candidate
  • TV Production Assistant turned HR Manager
  • Corporate consultant turned independent social enterprise consultant
  • Talent management director turned leadership coach
  • Pharma tech account manager > professional organizer
  • B2C digital marketer > Tech Strategist for government agencies

More case studies and success stories can be found here! 

Not sure whether you need a career change? I’ve created this for you to help you figure it out!