Episode 007: Your Money Mindset Can Hurt Your Career With Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, Founder of The Fiscal Femme




This week we’re talking to Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, founder of the Fiscal Femme and financial wellness and money coach. I know I say this a lot, but this was such a fun one to record for so many reasons. In addition to  her general awesomeness surrounding the work she does with clients, students, and corporate wellness programs, she’s on the air today to help any of us in the following situations:

  • You got used to a lifestyle with a high salary but want OUT. The idea of a pay cut terrifies you.
  • You don’t get paid what you’re worth and it’s starting to take its toll
  • You want to start your own business but don’t know how to rein in the spending and/or figure out to change your mindset from one of lack to abundance


If any of the  above made you gasp in agreement, tune into Episode 007: Stop Stressing About Money- Here’s How with Ashley here:

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We’re talking about tons of goodies on the show including:

  • Getting started on changing your money mindset
  • Understanding your spending habits and choices using a money journal – grab the free tool from the episode here
  • Communicating new priorities with friends
  • Breaking through tough to break habits


Ashley is the founder and creator of the 30 Day Money Cleanse. This was the program I took in 2014 to figure out how to shed miscellaneous spending and change my money mindset so that I could become fully self-employed (and self-funded).


PS: We didn’t talk about negotiating salary in this episode but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our downloadable guide we created around the topic. You can grab it here.


SHOW TIMES Timings are Approximate


1:45 Ashley Intro

4:20 The idea of a money journey

5:25 How can we cultivate a money mindset that serves us? How do we stick with it?

9:30 Your upbringing’s impact on your Money Mindset

11:50 Taking ACTION on your money journey

13:00 Money Dream Team

15:05 Happiness Allocations – what are they and how do I do mine?

17:00 If I feel stuck in my career and need a change, how can I think of my money differently to get unstuck?

22:00 Tricks and tips to embrace your money

23:30 Friendships and Money

26:20 Spending Tizzies- how do you get out of it!?

33:30 Money mindset success stories from the 30-Day Money Cleanse

37:30: Money personas we adopt that can hold us back

40:10 Money Cleanse details & Staying in Touch



-30 Day Money Cleanse

-Ashley’s site, The Fiscal Femme

Parkinson’s Law

Negotiating Your Worth At Work  (Ashley and Jill’s downloadable guide)

Episode 006: Creating a Life Design that Works for You…Travel Edition

life design

What happens when you cross someone who knows what they want with not having any clue how to actually get there? Well, you get Lynze Ballay, Founder of She Works Abroad and AVP at Sprinklr. After she got her first taste of travel as a college student, she was hooked and knew that travel was a non-negotiable she’d carry through the rest of her life. But just being happy with the 2-3 weeks of vacation that a large number of American companies give to employees was not in the cards for Lynze. Nor was she necessarily looking for a consulting gig where she’d travel weekly.


life design


No, no, this was gonna be big. Through trial and error, she honed in on what she wanted to do: work full-time for a company doing what she was good at while going abroad to a place of her choosing for a full month at least once a quarter.


For those of you keeping score at home, this means she averages working and living abroad 4 months per year in places of her choosing. Oh and she has a husband and a dog in Brooklyn. Oh- and a team of seven at the Sprinklr offices in New York. And her side business She Works Abroad, where she helps people figure out their options for doing this themselves.


Sounds crazy, right? Maybe on the surface, but in this week’s episode, “Creating a Life Design that Works for You”, we get into the nitty gritty n how she makes this happen, and we’ve developed a tool you can get here  based on her experience to help you figure it out for yourself.


life design


We’re talking specifically with Lynze in this week’s episode about:


  • How she got started trying to figure this out when she had no idea where to start!
  • Her pearls of wisdom like “Do everything in your power to hear “yes”, not “no” and “There’s never a good time to go, so just do it.”
  • The must-have ingredients you must have for success here
  • How she got her boss and management on board
  • What she put in her proposal to get them to say yes
  • How she plans her trips (including travel hacks and budgeting!)
  • How she manages her team from abroad


The point here is, if you have a dream or a goal, it’s important to be open and transparent with your company. Even if it’s not travel and it’s another thing you’re looking for from your company- you’re in the driver’s seat and no one is going to hand you these kinds of perks without you asking.  (And if you’re sitting there thinking your company would say no out the gate, it might be worth reevaluating whether the company is right for you.)


Enjoy this one, guys! It’s truly a gem to listen to Lynze talk about this.

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1:20- Lynze’s Story- how did she get to this point of infusing travel

4:50: One attempt that didn’t work out

6:30 The turning point/mental shift

9:30: Making the plan sustainable

10:30 Nuts and Bolts of Making it Happen

15:10 Changing Your Strategy As an Employee

17:45 I’m scared to speak up: How do I do what Lynze did?

22:40 How did the team benefit when I was abroad?

26:40 The benefits of being globally aware

29:35 How do you parse out your work time versus your fun time while abroad?

33:25 Brazil trip & Building a Network & Budget & Travel Hacks

38:00 Travel Musings

41:00 She Works Abroad

45:00 Rapid Fire Questions






Episode Tool to learn how to do this for yourself


life design


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Episode 005: Using Mindfulness to Run Your Workday: Not the Other Way Around With Emily Bennington Author of Miracles at Work


What if I told you that there is one thing that we all have access to – every single one of us- that can help us take the workday and own it, rather than leave the day haggard, exhausted and with a giant headache?  Something that will put a little pep in our step, and over time, make even the stickiest work situations float on by? And for those of us in non-ideal work environments (toxic, boring or not aligned with what we want to be doing), something that helps us not just quit and run out of the building like our hair’s on fire?

Oh, and it’s free.

No, I’m not talking about that crate of Tito’s Handmade Vodka that’s left over from your wedding or that crate of Jose someone brought to your Cinco De Mayo party.

I’m talking about mindfulness and the tools that accompany it.


Before you roll your eyes or think this isn’t for you, bear with me. We’re talking with bestselling author and mindfulness teacher Emily Bennington today about how to stop being led around by your emotions all day and instead come from a place of calm and easy.

What I love about Emily is the way she breaks down mindfulness into digestible chunks so that anyone, even the new-to-the-game lady can pick up some tools and start to practice. Mindfulness is a truly accessible thing with accessible tools, but if it’s not talked about in an accessible way, it can be hard to really grasp and follow, amirite?

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Emily makes all of that irrelevant. We sat down and talked about how mindfulness intersects with work including some of the following tidbits (and she’s generously given us access to a free tool to get started with the basic building blocks!)


  • A lot of people think their career ping pongs around, but instead, use mindfulness to think about your career as a series of breadcrumbs that lead you to the next breadcrumb….and use that approach in your professional narrative
  • The effects of a lack of mindfulness in the workforce on career progression: Where we go wrong isn’t wild insubordination. It’s what Seth Godin calls “1000 little cuts.” It’s the way you made a situation that wasn’t contentious, contentious or the way you responded to an email…and over time that damages your reputation. Every single interaction you have is an opportunity to stand for who you choose to be in that moment, and it matters for that raise or promotion or new opportunity.
  • How do we stop getting run by our days and instead come from a place of mindfulness so we run the day?
  • How are we relating to other people and how can we use that as a starting point?
  • What should we do when things are feeling untenable or toxic? What tools are at our disposal?




1:42 Emily Bennington Introduction

5:20  What happens when you don’t have or use the mindfulness tools?

10:35 What mindfulness tools would you recommend to get started?

13:50 “Positive” traits that manifest in unhelpful ways at work and how it relates to mindfulness

16:00 Triggers For when you have the opportunity to practice mindfulness

18:05 Special tools for mindfulness in generally toxic environments

23:35 Mindfulness while emailing (yes, seriously! Email is challenging!)

27:35 Attaching self worth to your job and where mindfulness comes into play

31:05 Case Study of someone who incorporated these tools with success

35:20 Being versus doing VERSUS being WHILE doing

37:05 Jill’s personal lessons in mindfulness

38:32 Decision making during overwhelm



Resources Mentioned In the Show:


Intro guide from Emily

-You can reach Emily Bennington at www.emilybennington.com

Her Twitter

Her Facebook

Book: Miracles at Work


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Episode 004: Finding Your (Networking) Tribe Without Large Conferences with Bad Wine

networkingA couple weeks ago we talked about overcoming the (common) feeling of resistance when it comes to networking. Listen Here. Sometimes we can be hesitant to network because we feel like we’re wading into a sea of events where there are 200 people in a sweaty conference hall pressing their business card into our hands, used car salesman/woman style.


But it don’t gotta be like that, my friend.
I invite you to enter the world of “Finding your Tribe”, i.e. finding networking groups and “Business Besties” as our guest Emily Merrill from Six Degrees Society, calls ‘em in today’s episode.  And as a special bonus, for all of you out there looking to start a side project or business, you’ll hear Emily’s story about how she toiled for years and years to perfect Six Degrees Society (hint: it’s not how it sounds- it’s actually a LOT cooler and more fun.)
We talk about:

  • How to try out certain events and groups to see if it’s a fit (and know what your non-negotiables are)
  • Ice breaker conversation starters
  • Making the most out of limited time when looking for your core network
  • Using networking to test drive a new career or side biz project
  • Making networking work for you
  • Finding your core group for 9-5ers or business owners
  • Finding your tribe while traveling for pleasure
  • And so much more!

And this week’s freebie download is a cheat sheet of different networking groups that you might not have heard of that can put you WELL on your way to finding your core networking buddies. You can grab it here





SHOW TIMES (timings are approximate)

Emily’s Story and Path to Entrepreneurism: 3:35

Why Networking Gets a Bad Rap: 11:45

Tips for How to Make Networking “Work” for You: 13:20

“Gamifying Networking “ as a Tactic: 16:20

The “picking up new friends at the food table” tactic 18:00

Convo Starters: 19:20

Resources & Tactics for Building Tribes: 22:20

Tactics for traditional office jobs: 25:50

Pre-Work Networking Tactic 27:35

Using networking to “get out of your career lane”: 29:45

Six Degrees Society- vision for future and how you can take advantage! 31:20

Resources for Other Places to Find Your Tribe 35:15

Out of the Box Networking Stories (for your inspo!) 36.20




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Podcast 003: Finding Your Purpose and Getting Unstuck- With Belma McCaffrey of Work Bigger


This week I had the absolute pleasure of having Belma McCaffrey on the show. She’s the founder of Work Bigger, an organization dedicated to helping 20 and 30-somethings figure out what they want to do for work by helping them uncover and understand their professional mission.

You may remember from my first episode that I believe that you don’t have to absolutely love your job to have a fulfilling career and/or life, and so every episode of the show helps you think of ways that work FOR YOU on how to navigate…your career and life.




This episode is for those among us who want a fulfilling career or side project complete with a mission of some kind, but they don’t know where to start or how to get unstuck. So this week we’re helping you get started by discussing:

  • How do you get super clear on what you want for work
  • Understanding what pushes your curiosity
  • Helping you take the first massive step to getting unstuck
  • How to test drive potential options
  • Identifying people and resources to tap into to learn more
  • Understanding how to get started if you want to be in a corporate role OR if you want your own thing



SHOW NOTES (Timings are approximate)

Belma’s Intro: 2:11

The conundrum millennials face: 5:04

How Work Bigger was born: 7:25

How do you get started in figuring out what you care about for work? 9:14

Framework for moving forward: Nexus of values, interests, and priorities 10:25

“What if I’m Indecisive?” 12:05

Examples of How To Test Drive Potential Career Options 13:45

How “But” Can be a HUGE Roadblock 14:50

Finding the Right Communities 16:50

Success Stories – people who’ve figured out what they want to do for work 20:00

Benefits of Knowing Your Essential Intent: 23:00

What if I Like Corporate Life? 25:25

How to Suss Out Culture of a Company- Does it intersect with your mission? 27:00

“I’m Stuck: How do I get out of my own way?” 30:50




Resources Mentioned in the Episode:


Belma McCaffrey- Work Bigger

Freelancers Union – Spark Events

Six Degrees Society


The Lady Project

Essentialism- Greg McKeown: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less