Episode 012: Seeking: Sane Financial Advice & Perspective


On this week’s show, we’re talking to Amanda Holden, Founder of Invested Development and the Dumpster Dog Blog. She seriously keeps it real about all things money, finance and investing, as you’re about to see.

I knew I just HAD to talk to Amanda when I saw her article on Career Contessa where I am a mentor, about how she saved $30k, quit her job and moved to South America for a year (kinda like I did in 2012 too!). So I knew we’d have a ton to talk about just surrounding our sabbaticals, but little did I know what a treat I was in for with her perspectives and knowledge around savings, investment, and retirement.  We’re talking to her on this week’s show: “Seeking: Sane Financial Advice & Perspective with Amanda Holden.”

I’m gonna break this post down into two main sections so you can get a taste before listening:

  • Her thoughtful and present career trajectory and what you can learn from it
  • A couple juicy finance tidbit that you can get more of by listening to the show






Like many of us, Amanda kinda fell into a job after college. She knew she could get a job there and it would compensate her well, so she went for it.  Like most of us after college (many of us with debt), that’s the prudent path that makes sense.

But here’s where her path diverged. She disliked the job jusssst enough to do something about it. What struck me was that even with the long hours and grueling day to day slog of her finance job, she was able to have the presence of mind to pull herself back from the hamster wheel and realize there was something out there for her, but that she needed a break to figure it out for herself.  And that’s when her sabbatical plan was hatched. Grab the episode to learn more about how she saved $30k in 6 months to move abroad and leave her job, and how she ended up as a founder of a growing company that shares investment advice for women.

So, if you’re sitting here reading this and about to click play, think about where your career is at and think of ways to have enough presence of mind to pull yourself back from getting on that hamster wheel (if it’s indeed a hamster wheel that is keeping you from doing something else). Maybe that’s going on a long weekend alone, carving out journal time each week or something else.







Amanda dishes a lot of perspective on the show (and you can get even more on her site here), so I’ll keep it simple here. We dig deeper into all of these on the show:

  • Start now. Even though Amanda gets that we in our 20s and 30s have a lot of other expenses as we figure stuff out, starting NOW is key to be able to take advantage of longer a timeframe of investing AND compound returns.
  • Share financial goals with friends! I’d say this one’s so important- we also talked about it a few weeks back with The Fiscal Femme. It’s important to be honest so your friends can support you (and help you not buy that $80 blouse)
  • Consider the approach of saving within specific confines, rather than ‘spending in moderation’ when trying to achieve a big goal
  • Being hellbent on buying a home can’t come at the cost of your retirement.
  • Start with the WHY behind savings and investments and THEN move into investment basics. Don’t overwhelm yourself with how and where at the start.  It’s so important to have a good foundational understanding first!


I hope you enjoy this one- Amanda is a breath of fresh air in the often (old, white, male) traditional investment space. Drop her a line if you need some help kickstarting you finances


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate)


What led Amanda to move abroad: 1:45

Amanda’s plan for her sabbatical 5:45

Planning Finance plan for sabbatical: 10:00

Why she’s talking about money now: 13:05

Amanda’s savings philosophy 16:35

The foundations of retirement 18:30

The importance of “paying yourself first” 23:50

How path dependency and Parkinson’s Law can derail your finances 27:45


Resources Mentioned on the Show:


Career Contessa– Resources and Perspectives for Millennial Women

Amanda’s Investment Blog: Dumpster Dog Blog

Amanda’s article on Career Contessa– How She Saved $30,000 in 8 Month

Parkinson’s Law

Path Dependence

Ellevest– Investment platform and advice for women


Where you Can Find Amanda:



Episode 011: That Digital Nomad Life, Though: How To Make Your Dream a Reality

digital nomad

digital nomad

SO…..you wanna be a digital nomad, butttttttt:

  • You don’t know where to start
  • You’ll most definitely relegate yourself to a life of Cup O’ Noodles and overdrawing your checking account
  • Who are you to quit a stable job with a steady paycheck?
  • You’re the most undisciplined person ever and will binge watch “Glow” on Netflix all day

I could keep listing all the things that could possibly come up when you contemplate actually going for something that’s been your dream for awhile now, but I think you’re intimately aware of them all.

INSTEAD, let’s do two things:

  1. Grab our Bust Your Fear Worksheet here, which we talk about on the show
  2. Turn to the Career Passport Podcast this week and talk to Erin Greenawald, who spent about six years as an editor of branded content for the Muse, a hugely popular career website for millennials. Erin quit the Muse and flew off into the sunset to become a digital nomad seamlessly and she lived happily ever after.

Sike. It didn’t happen like that at all, and Erin is giving us the real skinny on how she realized she wanted to do this, how she pushed through resistance to stick to the goal and how she actually is working through structuring her life (hint: it’s a work in progress).

“When it came to where I was professionally, my heart and my gut had different opinions (than my mind) on what I should be doing.” – Erin Greenawald, on how she realized she wanted a change


If you’ve wanted to make a leap like this- or really trying anything new like a new entrepreneurial venture, for example, this show is a MUST. LISTEN.  I’m going to include some of the gems here but to get the full raw beauty of this show, you gotta listen.


digital nomad


  • When thinking about a big change, ask yourself: “Could you use what you have to give yourself the freedom to clear out what’s not working and open up space to find what is working?”
  • Structuring an unstructured life: It’s trial and error and a lot of reevaluating
  • The notion of patience around an unstructured move like this – a different perspective on career (and the impact of social media on your feelings on your career)
  • What if EASE is a metric to help you define success? (Versus hours logged or ‘working yourself to death”
  • How to use authenticity to attract your tribe and potential digital nomad work
  • Change is ongoing- it’s not like most people wake up one day and say, “I’m making a change!!” and then they go full steam ahead with their plan with no reservations. There are ongoing hurdles and this is NORMAL.

Anyway, I’m going to hand it over to your earbuds now so you can grab the episode on your way into work. Maybe, just maybe, it will plant a further seed in you to take the smallest ittiest bittiest next step in your quest to be a digital nomad of some sort.

And don’t forget- we’re on a lot of other platforms now for the Podcast, in case you don’t have iTunes. You can check ‘em out below.


Show Notes (Timings are approximate)

2:15 How Erin realized she wanted to try the “digital nomad” lifestyle + imposter syndrome

5:20 The moment she realized she had to radically listen to her gut

7:00 Perspectives on change

10:35 “Sending Ships” Tool

12:30 Examples of Ships

16:00 What has clicked into place for Erin and what’s she still working on?

18:00 The positives of ‘moving home’

19:20 Structuring days as a digital nomad

24:50 Patience

28:30 Authenticity as a tool to attract your tribe and opportunities

30:45 Resources Erin consulted to figure this out

35:00 Rapid fire Travel Questions


Agenda for 2017 Hustle Fest– at the New Women’s Space

Angela Jia Kim’s “Sending Ships” Tool Crisis Textline

Sheryl Sandberg’s Career Jungle Gym – in Lean In

Erin’s article on the decision to quit her job: https://grow.acorns.com/having-a-cash-cushion-allowed-me-to-quit-a-job-i-hated/



The Artist’s Way- 12 week program on re-tapping into your creativity

Danielle LaPorte: The FireStarter Sessions

digital nomad

Free Downloadable Tool

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digital nomad

Episode 010: Day in the Life of a Learning and Development Professional

learning and development


There’s something for everyone in this episode, and I’m so excited to be able to share it with you.


We have Garvey Chui, Founder of the Verb Group, among many other things that you’ll learn about in this episode, on the show this week to talk about two things:


  1. What it’s like to be in Learning and Development, as part of our ongoing “Day in the Life” Series
  2. How to weave together a narrative that may seem “all over the place” to the untrained eye (and by extension, how to do all that you love in your work and life)


learning and development


The Career Passport is about NOT having your dream job, and Garvey is an excellent example to underpin how important I think this crucial idea is. One of her major life influencers, Gary McPherson (read about this crazy inspiring dude here, here or this book here), taught her the importance of not sticking to one career. He also taught her that connecting ideas, best practices and people from around the world is what makes work exciting and leads to lasting and continual change. So, along with her mother teaching her to challenge the status quo, Garvey set out to create quite the career for herself.

But being a learning and development professional is not all that Garvey does. In the second part of the show, we delve into the complicated topic most people like to avoid- how to weave together a narrative when you do a bunch of different things. You’ll see she also helps people with legacy planning and helps people transition to the startup/entrepreneurial world, among other things.  We’re talking with her about:

  • Her 3 key influences that keep her moving everyday
  • Key skillsets for someone looking to get into learning and development
  • A week in the life of a learning and development professional (We created a tool here that’s a dossier of sorts to get you started with your L&D research)
  • How to package your narrative when you do a lot of different things?
  • Why Knowing your Audience is KEY for narrative work
  • How she gets around pigeonholing herself (but still creates a story that resonates and moves her forward)

learning and development

Like I said, there’s something for everyone in this show, whether you’re into L&D or not. So grab a listen and grab the tool and let us know what you think in the comments below!



Show Timings (Timings are Approximate)


Garvey’s Intro & Notes on Her Narrative: 2:15

Digital Nomad & Inspiration to Do It: 5:20

Ebbs and Flows of Digital Nomad-ding 11:10

What it’s Like to Be In Learning and Development: 12:15

What are the core things needed and what can you learn on the job? 17:40

Typical Week in the Life of L&D Professional: 21:00

What Goes Into Creating an L&D Program: 24:00

Part 2 of the Show:  Crafting Your Narrative for a Diverse Background: 28:55

You Don’t Need to get it Just Right: 32:10

If Your Narrative Feels Untidy, Do This: 34:20

Working with Garvey on Your Transition 38:40




Resources Mentioned In the Show:


Garvey Chui’s information



Instagram: @nomiz & @influencersoftheweek

Intel on Digital Nomad Communities: http://www.ozy.com/fast-forward/pro-tip-for-digital-nomad-wannabes-watch-out-for-the-scammers/76169 

Gary McPherson:





Recent stats show 50% of the US workforce holds a job that lets them telecommute at least partially. Majority of these individuals travel while they work remotely, introducing them to the Digital Nomad community. 

Here are some resources if you want to learn more on what to do, how to do it, and where to go for reliable wifi and comfortable  accommodations:

Nomad Forum – the go-to Q&A site for digital nomads and remote workers to exchange information on working remotely

Remote Year brings together professionals from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world, spending one month in each location.

Unsettled offers the ability to live and work month-to-month across destinations in multiple countries.

30 day immersion – useful whether you’re an entrepreneur or to increase your cultural intelligence – Taiwan specific

Hailley Griffis provides a great summary of some of these “digital nomad plug and play” communities


MOOCs (Massive Open Online Communities) platforms to  up-skill  (for free!) online:

Notable ones in the US are:

Here’s more info on MOOCs.

-Lastly, here is a course on Cultural Intelligence (with is the capacity to relate and work effectively across different types of cultures) with Common Purpose and FutureLearn.


learning and development


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learning and development


Episode 009: Easy Nutrition Tips To Stay Healthy At Work With Jessica Cording




Raise your (virtual) hand if any of the following has happened in the last week:


  • You slept til the last possible second, missing breakfast at home and forgetting the lunch you packed.
  • You raced into work like a bat out of hell and were thrown into a series of meetings and forgot breakfast….and maybe lunch
  • You set aside time for lunch but it got hijacked by a meeting or someone else’s agenda (And grab a listen to this episode on mindfulness and boundaries for additional resources on this)
  • You were starving at work and only had sugary candy or salty crap to rely on
  • You felt run down and/or exhausted.


I think most of us, myself included, have our virtual hands in the air right about now. The truth of the matter is that it’s EASY to have any of those scenarios happen, but before you spiral into the depths of despair over that, it’s also way easier than you think to stop that vicious cycle in its tracks.


Enter Jessica Cording, MS, RD, CDN and founder of Jessica Cording Nutrition. She works with individuals and corporations (like, maybe yours?) to help them feel better at work so that they can feel good, be productive and not want to crawl back into their bed the second they wake up in the morning.





We’re talking with Jess about lots of goodies today including:

  • How to make breakfast work for you (even if you’re ‘not a breakfast person)
  • Her favorite “Non-Sad Work Lunches” that are easy to make and filling. You can grab the full recipes here.
  • Her story: how she got into this field (in case it’s a field of interest for you too!)
  • How to meet yourself where you’re at, rather than trying to force huge changes overnight
  • Changing nutrition habits in your 30s, when you can no longer have a 20 piece bucket of KFC and be fine the next day (No? Just me?)


So do yourself a solid on the way home from work tonight and take a listen to this week’s show. And then put ONE thing into place that you’ll try this week to help yourself FEEL BETTER with food. And comment in the comments below with what you chose and we’ll chat!
Listen to the episode by clicking the  button below


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate)

Jess’s Intro: 1:50

Drama Free Healthy Living: 10:20

Jess’s guiding principles: 10:45

What I Ate Wednesday: 12:00

Nutrition – how does it impact career? 13:20

Entrepreneurs and Nutrition: 15:40

Blood sugar management 18:35

Breakfast: 19:45

Nutrition baseline guiding principles: 20:50

The skinny on carbs: 24:20

Client success story: how someone turned it around…and how you can too: 25:55

Changing habits in your 30s:  28:50

Jess’s fave healthy eats dish: 32:15

How to find Jess + Rapid Fire Travel Questions: 33:30


Resources Mentioned in the Show

Jess’s Non-Sad Work Lunches

Jess’s Facebook Page for recipes and tips: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaCordingNutrition

Jess’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/jesscording

Jess’s site: http://www.jessicacordingnutrition.com/



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Episode 008: Get the Job, Own the Meeting & Slice Through Office Conflict With One Simple Tool


The day ran me, rather than the other way around.
This is how I used to live my life, when I’d tear into work like a bat out of hell and without stopping to take a breath or have a sense of presence, I’d plunge straight into the dozens of emails I’d invariably gotten since 9pm the previous night. Then I’d work (in a super stressed out way, thinking everything was urgent) straight through til the second I had to leave, when I’d race to the next thing.


Years later, I’m still dealing with the chronic pain those old pesky habits (and many others) have left me with.
Which is why I’m VERY eager to share this week’s Career Passport episode with you, “Your Presence Can Open Career Doors”




We have Minna Taylor, CEO and Founder of Energize Your Voice, on the show today to talk about how presence – both vocal and physical – can really open doors for your career and your life.


We’re talking about all types of professional contexts where presence – or a lack of it – can be the very thing holding you back. And we’re giving you tools to start making some quick fixes now. You can grab the tool we created for this show here, which has scripts and checklists for the scenarios we mention in the episode.



On the show, we’re talking about:

  • How to use presence to answer the often dreaded, “So, what do you do?” question
  • How to own your upcoming interview
  • What to do to show up with more presence at meetings
  • Using presence for conflict resolution in the office
  • Quick ways to use preparation to enhance your presence in meetings
  • How a lack of presence and bad habits can ‘show up’ (and not go away!) in chronic ways over time


This episode is a must-listen for anyone who:

  • Has been on tons of job interviews where they’re perfect for the job, but can’t understand why they’re not getting call backs
  • Is exhausted by all the running around and feels run by their day
  • Is nervous to speak up in meetings and doesn’t know when or how to interject a thought or idea
  • Wants to progress their career and have been given feedback that they need to speak up or “own” more but they’re not sure how or are afraid.


Listen to the episode by clicking the  button below


So, if you’re reading this on your way to a meeting, grab the episode now and grab some pointers!




Show Notes (Timings are Approximate


0:43 Introduction to Minna Taylor

1:30 How she got to be doing presence work

3:50 Why is having a strong presence so important for your career?

7:50 Bringing these unconscious behaviors to the conscious level

9:50 How do you handle the “What do you do?” question when you’re between jobs or don’t like what you’re doing?

13:55 How do you own the interview process using vocal and presence techniques?

16:50 Using storytelling as a tool

17:50 How to come up with interview questions to ask your interviewer through curiosity and presence?

18:57 Other work situations –conflict resolution and meetings

27:00 Long-term ramifications of NOT having presence

27:50 Minna’s Go-To Resources and tools

30:20 Minna’s Workshops & Offerings for Personal Goals and For Companies



Resources Mentioned On The Show


Our downloadable tool we talk through on the show!

Minna’s Humming Series Videos

Minna’s Workshop Offerings

Minna’s Corporate Offerings


Improv Classes in NYC:

The Magnet– if you want community and lower stakes

UCB: More rigorous

The Pit


How to Find Minna:

Web: www.energizeyourvoice.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/energizeyourvoice/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/energizedvoice/


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