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9 Brilliant Career Bloggers to Follow ASAP (Repost)

My blog was recently featured in lifestyle brand Brit + Co, and I couldn’t be more jazzed! Writer Krista Gray rounded up the best 9 bloggers on the ol’ career topic, and we made the cut! You can read her article below for more intel on other great bloggers to follow too! Trying to change careers can be tough, but with such a wealth of good information out there, it doesn’t have to be….

9 Brilliant Career Bloggers You Should Start Following ASAP

Krista Gray


There’s no doubt about it, navigating your career path can be complex. Whether you’re looking for a job straight outta college, digging yourself out of student loan debt or trying to jump on the right opportunities (even if that means accepting a job you don’t really want), there’s never a shortage of questions that come up when you’re tackling something for the first time. While friends can dish awesome advice, we love following top-notch career experts for tried and true tips about all things work. Read on for a list of nine super smart bloggers we recommend you start keeping up with ASAP.

bloggers1. Marie Forleo: The brilliant brain behind B-School, Marie has championed a digital movement while educating thousands of women who have become brazen careerists and business owners. As if that wasn’t reason enough to follow along, even Oprah has named her a thought leader.

2. Jill Ozovek: Jill is the best source for advice on finding everyday balance and focus. A career coach living in NYC, her posts cover tough to tackle topics like how to tell if your prospective boss is a jerk and how to stay focused when your mind is elsewhere. Her blog is designed to help you identify and land your dream job.

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