Episode 012: Seeking: Sane Financial Advice & Perspective


On this week’s show, we’re talking to Amanda Holden, Founder of Invested Development and the Dumpster Dog Blog. She seriously keeps it real about all things money, finance and investing, as you’re about to see.

I knew I just HAD to talk to Amanda when I saw her article on Career Contessa where I am a mentor, about how she saved $30k, quit her job and moved to South America for a year (kinda like I did in 2012 too!). So I knew we’d have a ton to talk about just surrounding our sabbaticals, but little did I know what a treat I was in for with her perspectives and knowledge around savings, investment, and retirement.  We’re talking to her on this week’s show: “Seeking: Sane Financial Advice & Perspective with Amanda Holden.”

I’m gonna break this post down into two main sections so you can get a taste before listening:

  • Her thoughtful and present career trajectory and what you can learn from it
  • A couple juicy finance tidbit that you can get more of by listening to the show






Like many of us, Amanda kinda fell into a job after college. She knew she could get a job there and it would compensate her well, so she went for it.  Like most of us after college (many of us with debt), that’s the prudent path that makes sense.

But here’s where her path diverged. She disliked the job jusssst enough to do something about it. What struck me was that even with the long hours and grueling day to day slog of her finance job, she was able to have the presence of mind to pull herself back from the hamster wheel and realize there was something out there for her, but that she needed a break to figure it out for herself.  And that’s when her sabbatical plan was hatched. Grab the episode to learn more about how she saved $30k in 6 months to move abroad and leave her job, and how she ended up as a founder of a growing company that shares investment advice for women.

So, if you’re sitting here reading this and about to click play, think about where your career is at and think of ways to have enough presence of mind to pull yourself back from getting on that hamster wheel (if it’s indeed a hamster wheel that is keeping you from doing something else). Maybe that’s going on a long weekend alone, carving out journal time each week or something else.







Amanda dishes a lot of perspective on the show (and you can get even more on her site here), so I’ll keep it simple here. We dig deeper into all of these on the show:

  • Start now. Even though Amanda gets that we in our 20s and 30s have a lot of other expenses as we figure stuff out, starting NOW is key to be able to take advantage of longer a timeframe of investing AND compound returns.
  • Share financial goals with friends! I’d say this one’s so important- we also talked about it a few weeks back with The Fiscal Femme. It’s important to be honest so your friends can support you (and help you not buy that $80 blouse)
  • Consider the approach of saving within specific confines, rather than ‘spending in moderation’ when trying to achieve a big goal
  • Being hellbent on buying a home can’t come at the cost of your retirement.
  • Start with the WHY behind savings and investments and THEN move into investment basics. Don’t overwhelm yourself with how and where at the start.  It’s so important to have a good foundational understanding first!


I hope you enjoy this one- Amanda is a breath of fresh air in the often (old, white, male) traditional investment space. Drop her a line if you need some help kickstarting you finances


Show Notes (Timings are Approximate)


What led Amanda to move abroad: 1:45

Amanda’s plan for her sabbatical 5:45

Planning Finance plan for sabbatical: 10:00

Why she’s talking about money now: 13:05

Amanda’s savings philosophy 16:35

The foundations of retirement 18:30

The importance of “paying yourself first” 23:50

How path dependency and Parkinson’s Law can derail your finances 27:45


Resources Mentioned on the Show:


Career Contessa– Resources and Perspectives for Millennial Women

Amanda’s Investment Blog: Dumpster Dog Blog

Amanda’s article on Career Contessa– How She Saved $30,000 in 8 Month

Parkinson’s Law

Path Dependence

Ellevest– Investment platform and advice for women


Where you Can Find Amanda:



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